Precision and High Speed
Machines for Milling and Grinding

Here is just a short selection of typical applications:

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Carbide Machining

For machining carbide the long lasting experience of Röders in combining milling and grinding in one machine leads to a very high efficiency. High precision and stiffness of the machines allow extraordinary machining results.

Watch Industry

Highest qualities at shortest machining times are achieved by high precision air bearing spindles in combination with the direct drive technology of the linear motor machines.

Mould and die making

Micro-mould production with structures in the hundredth-millimetre range, dies or moulds weighing several tonnes, electrodes etc.

Optical components

High-precision plastic injection moulds for optical components, e.g. light-emitting diodes, are a new focus in the wide spectrum of applications for Röders customers.

Jig Grinding

With Jig Grinding a very high level of precision (< 1 µm) and surface qualities (Ra < 0,01 µm) are achieved on Röders HSC machines. Due to the high stiffness of the machines the combination of High Speed Cutting and Jig Grinding in one machine is possible and results in large cost savings for many applications.

Röders Mould Factory

Fully automatic and highly precise 6-side machining of moulds, including cavity, cooling channels, centering elements, hot runner side, precise outer dimensions and deburring. The tolerances are all below 0,005 mm, some significantly. Due to the 6-side machining process there are no pallets needed.


All materials used in the dental industry can be machined fully automatically and with high precision.


Reliable precision and quality, especially over longer periods of time, are essential for the highly efficient automation of production processes.


Highly precise 5-axis, if necessary automated production of different gears as single pieces or in small batches

Minting technology

Coining dies are produced down to the last detail by milling, without any need for reworking.

Impellers, blisks and more

Through the development of special machines for greatest possible accelerations (up to 3g), extremely short machining times can be achieved with the same high quality.

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