Structural Features
of the Roeders Machines

Very rigid portal design
  • Heavy, robust machine frames
  • Low moving masses
  • Linear and torque motors (direct drives) in all axes
  • Easy installation with 3-point support
Patented frictionless weight compensation
  • Constant force over the entire positioning range
  • Frictionless vacuum hoses without stick-slip effect
  • Optimal for highly precise drive control of the Z axis
Very good visibility

due to large-sized windows and good accessibility to the machining area
from two sides; loading with a crane possible

Compact, highly rigid construction
  • Linear motors in all axes for highest possible accuracy and dynamics
  • No moving parts, no wear, high reliability
  • Roller guideways for low friction, low heat generation and, at the same time, very high rigidity
  • High-precision linear scales
Robot loading of tool changer
  • Chain changers also accessible for automatic loading with external tools by a robot or RCM, through a separate lift gate without interrupting machining
Large number of water circuits
  • Machines completely temperature-stabilised, due to a large number of water circuits
  • For highest precision the guiding rails and carriages are optionally temperature controled with a water circuit directly through the rails and carriages themselves
Axis covers
  • Frictionless axis covers for best possible dynamics and accuracy
Protection against chips
  • Special precautions taken
    – also during tool change sequences –
    in order to protect all tool holders against falling chips
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