Technology for High Speed Cutting

External compensation of the spindle elongation
  • Implemented with an accurately temperature-controlled holder attached directly in the cast of the Z axis
  • With a sensor for non-contact measure-ment on the rotating spindle shaft
  • Resolution in the nanometer range
100 station tool changer
  • Self-designed tool changer solutions with various speeds
    and sizes up to 199 tool places
Measuring laser in the tool changer
  • Measuring laser and calibration sphere located outside the machining area, where they are protected against chips and emulsion or oil
Spray cleaning
  • Patented tool spray cleaning with solvent, followed by automatic drying for reliable, highly accurate laser measurement
3D touch probe
  • High-precision measurement of workpieces with the
    3D probe directly in the machine, cleaning with coolant before measurement possible, for automated machines optional feedback of the measuring results to the central database; retrofittable
Emulsion, oil and others
  • Whether dry machining, using minimal lubrication, standard coolant or oil, solutions with accurate temperature control available for all variants
  • Suction units for graphite or ceramic machining optional
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