Röders RXS500DSI2 Dual Spindle

The options of the RXP series, such as automatic tool measurement, emulsion coolant and lead-through for inner tool cooling, are available for both machine types.
Special chucks for direct clamping of e.g. impellers can be integrated into the table.

Technical data
Machining range 450 mm x 370 mm x 155 mm
Swivelling range +/-115 degrees
Rotation range Almost unlimited
Table size 200 mm
Workpiece weight Max. 10 kg
Feed 0-42,000 mm/min
Milling spindle (standard) 2 spindles, both 42,000 rpm, 14 kW, HSK E40,
maximum tool diameter 16 mm (others on request)
Tool changer Optionally for right spindle
Tool measuring laser Accessible by both spindles
Chip disposal With scraping conveyor into chip trolley
Machine weight ~6.0 t
Required space W 3110 mm x L 2350 mm x H 2350 mm
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