RHP500L – 3-axis machine

  • Low version of RHP500 for relatively low work pieces
  • Low bridge and short Z-axis reduce deviations due to very short leverage between cutter and guideways
  • Highest precision and surface quality in 3-axis machining
Technical data
Machining range 500 mm x 552 mm x 150 mm
Table size 600 mm x 540 mm
Maximum height 455 mm between spindle nose and machine table
Workpiece weight Max. 400 kg
Feed 0-60,000 mm/min
Milling spindle (standard) 42,000 rpm, 14 kW, HSK E40, maximum tool diameter 16 mm
(others on request)
Tool changer 42 places (chain changer – can be loaded during machining)
integrated tool measuring laser
Chip disposal With 2 screws into chip box behind the machine,
additional chip conveyor optional
Machine weight ~10.0 t
Required space W 3015 mm x L 2510 mm x H 2750 mm
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