Optimised Machine Technology
to Fit Every Application


Cost-optimised machining requires a variety of machine concepts to suit the specific application requirements. Four main types are available, each with a different focus:

The RXP machines

are the result of a long-lasting development process in Röders HSC machine construction. With multiple patents and optimized in every detail, these low-wear and energy-saving linear motor machines achieve the highest possible precision, dynamics and surface qualities possible in numerous application areas.

The RXS machines

have consequently been developed with focus on very high dynamics for applications, where minimizing of the machining times is first priority. Based on the RXP series the moving axes are constructed in stiff light-weight aluminum construction. Additionally significantly larger motors in the linear and rotary axes have been integrated. This results in dynamics with up to 3 g acceleration.

The RXU machines

have triple stiffness compared to the RXP machines. A totally new design of the portal construction, with QUADROGUIDE® concept, optimizes the transmission of the forces from the 4 corners of the Z axis via the Y carrier into the massive bridge. High roughing capacities and long lasting tool lives are the results. Powerful linear motors in all axes achieve highest dynamics and precision.

The RHP machines

combine modern direct drive technology with hydrostatic guide ways. They achieve highest possible precision, geometric accuracy and absorption. In consequence the RHP machines are ideal for the production of optical surfaces, especially in case of equipping the machine with the ultra-precision air bearing spindle RSA-60.

The RXD dental machines

have been specially developed for a highly efficient, if applicable, also automated production of dental works. They have been a proven technology at our customers in various countries for many years.

Comprehensive Accessories

Well-proven accessories are available for all machine types.

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