RCR – Robot cell,
versatile and short installation times

  • Direct clamping of workpiece (without pallets) possible
  • If needed automated machining of 6 sides
    of the workpiece in two set-ups
  • Robot cell assembled in the factory
    –> fast installation at the customer
  • One or two machines to be automated
  • Extension of machine tool changer by loading and unloading it with external tools by the robot
  • Chip identification in case of operation with pallets available
  • Driven by Röders job management software RMSMain
    (installed on separate computer or the machine control)
Technical data RCR
Max. workpiece weight 60 kg
Pallet size max. 500 × 500 mm or direct clamping of workpieces
Height of magazine 1750 mm
Width of magazine 1060 mm
Gripper change yes
External tools yes
Automation of two machines yes
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