RXP500DSC – 5-axis machine

  • Optimised geometry for better machining access in operations with large swivel ranges
  • Inertia reduced further compared to the RXP500DS, therefore no break in the C axis
  • Workpiece in the centre of the swivel axis
  • only small compensation movements by the linear axes
  • Special Röders geometry compensation
  • Very efficient due to high stiffness and optimum layout
    of the mass inertia
  • Two-sided support of the C-axis for high stability and precision
  • High resolution optical encoders in all axes
  • Powerful wear-free direct drives in all axes
  • Special Röders 5-axis geometry compensation for high precision,
    also at long lasting machining operations
  • Precise temperature control of the machine elements
  • For dynamic decoupling, the swivelling direction is at right angles
    to the X axis
  • Windows very close to the machining area, visible from two sides
  • Chucks for different pallet systems can be integrated
    into the C-table
Technical data
Machining range 450 mm x 455 mm x 240 mm
Swivelling range +/-115 degrees
Rotation range Almost unlimited
Table size 200 mm (integrated chuck optional)
Workpiece weight Max. 30 kg
Feed 0-42,000 mm/min
Milling spindle (standard) 42,000 rpm, 14 kW, HSK E40, maximum tool diameter 16 mm
(others on request)
Tool changer 21 (linear), optional 35 or more places
(chain changer – can be loaded during machining)
integrated measuring laser
Chip disposal In 2 chip boxes, optional chip conveyor
Machine weight ~6.0 t
Required space W 2710 mm x L 2350 mm x H 2350 mm
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