Automation for Absolute
Cost Minimization


With the Röders Automation the maximum in cost reduction in dental machining is achieved. Proven solutions allow for a reliable production also at very high quantities. A simple and easy to operate software controls the complete system and insures clarity at all times, optionally also in the entire laboratory.


Automatic loading of raw blocks

  • Loading of Röders holder with fixed chromium cobalt disc into the machine
  • Automatic clamping on the rotary axis

Automatic separation of the restorations

  • Separation of the dental works into cups
  • Funnel and cup positioned below the disc
  • Automatic cut-through of the pins

Minimal non-productive times

  • Minimization of the cup exchange time in the machine (empty against filled)
  • Cushioned cups for avoidance of damage to dental works

Optimum material utilisation

  • Efficient material utilization by one sided clamping of discs
  • “Complete” machining of disc, up to 30% more units per disc

Chip identification in the magazine

  • Automatic checking of the magazine setting
  • Optional labelling of the cups with RFID chips allowing for automatic referencing of the machined dental works to the cup ID by the software

Chip identification in the laboratory

  • Use of the cup identification in the entire laboratory, for example at manual workplaces
  • Identification of the machined dental work in the cup with a handheld chip reader is possible anytime
  • Integration of a printer for labels or other devices possible
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