Röders Tool Management


Functionalities for optimised tool use in automation:

Central tool management

for the optimized use of machining tools in one cell

Standardization of the used tool types possible

→ Very simple supplying of cells with tools

Central tool database

→ One-time input of tool geometries

Central common tool magazine

All tools in the cell are commonly available to all machines Several machines share the same sister tools.

Extra wear area

The worn tools are stored in a special area in the central tool magazine and only need to be exchanged. It is not necessary to print out lists or look at what's on the computer.

Tool cache functionality

The local tool changer on the machine only contains the frequently needed tools and those which are required for the current machining task.

Automatic Preview

Based on the automatic preview, the handling system loads the required tools in the local tool changers of the machines during machining and unloads those which are no longer needed or worn.

Cost Savings

Large tool changers on the machines are not required and savings in the number of total tools which are to be kept ready in a cell, since all tools from the central magazine of a cell are available for all machines at all times.

Very simple operation

Only the tools in the central magazine have to be replaced, since the local machine tool changers are automatically loaded and unloaded by the handling system.

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