Röders Job Management

  • Powerful job and cell management software for automating single machines or multiple machines
  • Very easy to operate
  • Clear display of the production progress
  • Simple definition and changing of priorities, job blocking and releasing
  • With chip identification, automatic allocation of the machining programs to the workpieces
  • Acceptance of the data from external databases or PPS systems possible
  • Transfer of machining times, zero points, measuring results etc. optional
  • Automatic utilization optimization of the individual machines in one cell
  • Minimization of the tool changes for simultaneous machining of several workpieces in one machine (detection of same tools)
  • Specification of the machining sequence for multi-machine automation involving different machines
  • Automatic part flow over several machines is possible with raw part magazine for standard raw blocks
 (subdivision of the magazines into areas, so the 
storage place of the pallets indicates the machining progress)
  • Direct clamping of workpieces without pallets in various orientations for multi-side machining
  • Linked automation of several machines possible with multiple handling units (advisable in the case of short machining times per machine)
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