Röders Automation


Reliable machines and reliable machining processes are the indispensible conditions for strongly boosting efficiency with automation. The long year distinct praxis orientation of Röders and the comprehensive machining knowledge form the solid foundation for an application support that enables Röders customers to surely meet those conditions.

Depending on the production requirements different handling devices are available, from a machine integrated pallet changer to multi machine automation or heavy workpiece handling solutions. The Job Management software has been optimized in many years and controls the automation of the single or multi machine installations. If required the Röders Tool Management software takes over a central tool supply for the automated machines. Everything is delivered and installed from one single source and may be adapted to customers’ requirements as needed.


Machine-integrated automation

Cost-efficient automation of one or two machines

Compact, flexible automation of one or two machines

Flexible linear multi-machine automation up to 150 kg

Heavy-load automation up to 1500 kg

Highly flexible, suitable for auxiliary functions or direct clamping of workpieces without pallets

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