Responsibility for Society

Every year, Röders donates a significant sum for people who are most in need of help.


In addition, we support the August Wöhler Inventors’ Club of the schools in Soltau, with one of our development engineers providing weekly assistance. We have an above-average proportion of apprentices and trainees: significantly more than 10%. Flexible working hours are possible for employees with children.


and the Environment

In all areas of business
we strive to protect the environment

Our pewter products are absolutely free of lead, can therefore be used for food and drink without any misgivings, and are 100% recyclable.

The environmental balance of PET bottles is superior to all other forms of packaging. The energy consumption during manufacture is several times smaller than for glass bottles. PET is 100% suitable for recycling, and can be used to make new bottles or even textiles. The low weight of the bottles saves transportation costs.

Our robust and extremely rigid machine structures ensure a long service life and help reduce tool wear and consumption for our customers. Through upgrades, the controls can be kept up to date, again extending the service life of the machines. Since 2010, we produce only machines with direct drives; due to the reduced friction in the axes, they consume less power than conventional machines using the traditional ball screw technology. After completion of a machining job, special functions switch off those units of the machine that are no longer needed, thus minimising the consumption of electricity and compressed air.


Röders supports the German initiative “Stiftung Lesen“, which supplies a short story once a week to be printed by the employees and read to their children in order to inspire their children’s fantasy and interest in reading.


On the 9th of April 2019 the Röders GmbH has been honored as family friendly enterprise after an extensive examination through the Leuphana University in Lüneburg. Before the possibilities of adapting the working conditions to individual requirements in the employees families were evaluated, such as flexibility in working hours or working location.


Röders is member of the regional association and the main board of the VDMA.


Since several years Röders has been supporting the vocational orientation of students in the surrounding schools by sending young apprentices into the Schools.

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